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  • ATI HD4650 MXM 3.0 Card ATI HD4650 MXM 3.0 Card
  • ATI HD4650 MXM 3.0 Card ATI HD4650 MXM 3.0 Card
  • ATI HD4650 MXM 3.0 Card ATI HD4650 MXM 3.0 Card

ATI HD4650 HD 4650 M96 Laptop VG.M9606.010 MXM A 3.0 DDR2 1GB Video VGA BD Graphics Card Module ENG Version


MXM VGA Card Module for Laptop to used, please be sure your laptop support it.

可用性: 现货

¥ 569.50

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ATI / AMD Graphics MXM Video VGA Card Module


The card compatible MXM slot in Laptop, some of laptop need update bios.



Brand:  ATI / AMD

Model: As title

GPU: As title

Bios version: ATI, Acer, Dell, Alienware, Lenovo, HP, MSI

Memory Size: As title

Type: MXM-A / 3.0 (70 x 82mm) 

Condition: Clean Pulls & Like New

Parts: MXM Card, HeatSink Compound, Screws, Driver Disc

Warranty: Doa 30days

(If removed sticker or sign, no warranty)

Payment: Paypal or T/T (Bank Transfer)


1. The MXM card tested in laptop & 3D mark befor sent.

2. Some of Laptop need updated bios & compatible it.

3. If the MXM card driver conflict with some device driver in laptop,

    the operate system maybe need re-install.

4. Pls paste the heat-sink sticker as below photo before install the card.

5. Pls be sure your laptop's bios suooprt this card.

MXM heat sticker  HD4650 MXM-A front Slogo



SKU VTMD-20111125081113
产品品牌 ATI / AMD
型号 HD 4600 / M96 ES
存储容量 DDR2 1GB
接口类型 MXM A / 3.0
货物状况 翻新
UPC 768451019100



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