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Amimon HM510 AMN3110 AMN2120 WHDI Dongle Card Adapter Module HD TV wireless video modem 790HM51005FQ Transmission System Media Streamer


TV Turner card module support your device or laptop connect TV and Audio signal

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WDHI Wireless Video Modem Dongle Module (Not Mini PCIe Type)

HM510 (WHDI Wireless Dongle Module) / 04G230079070 (Asus P/N)

HM511 (WHDI Wireless AP Module) / 04G230083060 (Asus P/N)

Consumer electronics devices capable of delivering high-definition (HD) video signals are growing rapidly in number and variety. DVD players and cable or satellite set-top boxes have been joined by Blu-ray players and video game consoles, with PCs, video cameras, and even mobile phones close behind. While each wave of innovation has improved video quality, it has also added to the tangle of cables connected to high-definition televisions (HDTVs) and created a need for more video inputs.

AMIMON has developed Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI™) technology that enables HDTVs to interface wirelessly to all HD video sources while providing the same quality as a wired connection. Developed using MATLAB®, WHDI technology can deliver 3 Gbps, enabling 1080p frames to be sent 60 times per second through walls to a device 100 feet away. Because the frames are uncompressed, latency is as low as 1 msec, making WHDI ideal for game consoles that require extremely brief response times. WHDI devices not only eliminate the need for video cables; they can also act as a wireless switch, connecting multiple video sources to multiple HDTVs and displays.

We relied on MATLAB to verify our designs early in development by simulating the WHDI algorithms, and later by comparing the results produced by hardware implementations with MATLAB simulation results.

WHDI is the first standard to enable universal, codec-independent, multiroom HD video connectivity through the delivery of uncompressed HD video. With WHDI, users can connect any video source in the home to any display device—even to a device that is 100 feet away and in another room. Because WHDI is a multi-cast protocol, one audio-video source can be connected to several displays.

Specification >>>

Amimon is a developer and provider of  Integrated Circuit (IC) as well as complete solutions for the rapidly growing wireless High-Defintion audio-video market. Amimon's baseband and RF IC allow the assembly of complete high-quality, ultra-low latency and robust solutions for multiple devices and applications.

AMN 2120/2220:

The AMN 2120/2220 transmitter and receiver chipsets are the second generation of AMIMON's baseband wireless video modem. The chipsets allows full HD support of 1080p and 3D A/V formats.

AMN 2120/2220 are used by multiple CE (LG, Philips, Belkin, IO Data), PC (HP, ASUS, Galaxy with PCI card and "Stick") and Medical (Stryker) companies, providing top quality wireless HD video connectivity at homes and hospitals.

The AMN 2120/2220 main features:
• Full HD video (1080p), including 3D formats
• Support HD Audio with up to four I2S signals and SPDIF audio
• Multi-room coverage, through walls
• Low power consumption modes for portable devices
• Low cost – mass adoption price points
• Latency of less than 1 millisecond
• Hollywood approved HDCP 2.0 copy protection
• Complies to WHDI 1.0 standard
• Color depth of up to 30 bit
• Extended 5GHz bandwidth use thanks to support for Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) capability  (allowing for up to 8 multiple links in the same room)


The AMN3110/3210 are fully-integrated direct-conversion MIMO transmitter & receivers, specifically designed for WHDI™ applications using OFDM modulation. Capable to work  with either AMIMON's first generation baseband chipsets or with Amimon’s second generation baseband chipsets (AMN 2120/2220), the AMN 3110/3210 are the matching MIMO 4x5 RFIC transmitter and receivers chipsets.

The MAN3110 includes four complete downlink direct-conversion transmitters and one uplink receivers, along with a three-wire SPI interface to the AMN2120 baseband chip.
For low cost solutions, the AMN3110 can be configured to work with only 1 or 2 downlink transmitters.
The MAN3210 includes five downlink receivers and one complete uplink direct-conversion transmitter, along with a three-wire SPI interface to the AMN2220 baseband chip.

AMN 3110/3210 are used by multiple CE (LG, Philips, Belkin, IO Data), PC (HP, ASUS, Galaxy) and Medical (Stryker) companies, providing top quality wireless HD video connectivity at homes and hospitals.

AMN 3110/3210 main features:
• Compatible with WHDI™ standard
• Fully compliant with IEEE802.11a/n WLAN
• World band 4.9GHz-5.9GHz frequency operation
• Four/One high performance direct-conversion transmitters
• One/Five high-performance zero-IF uplink receiver
• High performance frequency synthesizer
• Programmable baseband low-pass filters
• RSSI circuit
• On-chip calibration circuits for IQ imbalance, filters and crystal modules
• Fast DC-offset cancellation loop
• Digital control of VGA through SPI
• Integrated LO splitter for multiple channels
• MIMO compatibility – coherent LO phase among multiple transmitters
• Supports 20MHz and 40MHz channel bandwidth
• Three-wire serial interface
• Minimal use of external components



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